Sometimes when I arrive home I wonder where we are going in terms of be informed inmediatly.That´s what I call the millenial´s problem : immediacy .

Sometimes when we meet someone we can notice the same behaviour , he looks at its phone and see if he has received something. He didn´t have a date but he wanted to know what was happening on the digital world.
We want to be up to date of the latests news on Twitter what this football player said or what this blogger mentioned.

That situation makes us consider our lives , our time and in a way our behaviour. Is it necessary to stop doing something to follow the latests news?
Is it worth stopping for a while watching a film to answer what did you do yesterday? Do you think your mum could be interrumpted because someone liked your picture on Facebook?
We can see that whatever the reason is we can change lots of things just for the digital world when it is not necessary at all.


Why do we behaviour like this? I have my own theory : immediacy . We want to know everything at every instant. It would not be the same If you read what this actor said one hour ago , one hour ago it won´t be a piece of news. Ok, I start to understand the system. If I read something inmediatly it is considered “cool” BUT if you read it 2 hours after you are not as cool … OK . I am not cool.

Where we are going? What do we want? Be the fastests readers? What does make the difference between you and me? Who knows!

We are forgetting our relationships. We think everything is easier because of an app sort out a problem and even we save time maybe we are losing other things. Things that we can not touch either smell. Where are those things going? I do not know but there is a lack of invisible things.

We are worrying because we do not answer a friend . We are stressed because we did not update an App or even worse because someone have not accepted us on Facebook. Do you think these are reasons for being under stress? I do not and that is why we need to start changing this behaviour otherwise being tense could be a consequence of immediacy.

Anyway, our day has 24 hours with one life (the real one) if we want to be at the same level in the digital maybe it is not as easy as you think. The time will not be duplicated.

I recognise even technology is an amazing invention we need to scrimp on the use. All of us are inside this wave. Some of us use it more for work , other more for fun and (I hope) the smallest group as a second life.

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