The false myth of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising can be defined as the automation of the buying and selling at digital advertising (simplifying a lot). A process in which, thanks to technology, the mechanisms are optimized giving both sides more profitability (to buyers and sellers).


It is easy to think that if there are machines behind an optimization process people tend to disappear, but here is one of the greatest myths of programmatic advertising .
Maybe It sounds contradictory but for doing our best in terms of optimization we need to be constantly behind the results. The technology helps us streamline processes of sale and improving monetization / market investment, but the human factor is as important or even more than technology. One serves the other , and we see technology as a tool; but it does not replace us .

They are increasing the number of publishers involved at programmatic advertising , however,it is not always considered to be a meticulous work that requires time and often manage inventory can be a “lace making”.
This means a task with small patches for having a good end of the month.The sewing machine does little, yarn quality, the number of sales, suppliers and product diversity will determine your outcome.

el falso mito de la programatica

We may have to do another reading on the advertising and marketing program to demystify some aspects:

We need to adapt ourselves to a new ecosystem which is here to stay.It does not replace the human factor; but it will lead to new programmatic teams. The new sales department will close direct agreements (Preferred deals) and they will manage to talk directly to agencies about a product as programmatic. A new sales force will even require new profiles to develop a good strategy.

Automation does not mean the elimination of jobs. Automation facilitates human management as do other tools, but to get the most performance we must have control of the tool.The key is to maximize human resources.

We should not see it as a negative point, we have to adapt to the market and to know how to live with different advertising ways to get the most out of our inventory.

I hope you enjoy this interesting video about the different Points of view in programmatic.

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