Programmatic advertising

August is not the best month in digital advertising and we hope the coming months are better for advertising investment.

Back to school is very close, and September pokes his head, whether to renew closet or join an activity. All this is reflected in the digital advertising and increasingly in programmatic.

Publicidad programática

According to the latest study presented by Intelligent BI in this 2015 is expected 48% of ad spending is not programmatic; while in 2020 it is estimated to be 35%.
The other ads will be highest at technology platforms (programmatic players) and especially in real time RTB.

Let’s take a look on the most relevant info that gives us the study of the present and future about the programmatic advertising:

2015 -> It is estimated 21% of the advertising investment is programmatic

2017 -> The advertising investment at programmatic will reach 42%

2020 -> Within 5 years is estimated to represent 48% of the investment

This stage have an annual growth rate of approximately 20%. They are figures that does not give us much time to assimilate the speed they are taking.


As always, we talk in the end about the most important, prices.

Programmatic advertising is emerging in the digital market. Some advertisers just want to make retargeting and optimize their campaigns with these technologies. Others prefer to design a comprehensive strategy with different KPIs and allocate part of the budget in programmatic (depending on the client).

In any case, prices at open auctions are not as high as publishers expected them to be. Prices are cannibalizing. On one hand we have direct agreements where we can speak of orders with reasonable market prices. The problem is that part of the investment which sometimes see as the cheap purchase of digital advertising.

Here is the most difficult task that we have publishers. Give the value it deserves to inventory, perhaps compensate floorprices raise and have less filling, thus assured of a eCPM you, but the other option is to lower floorprices and so the filling will be higher. But this latest offering very low prices.

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