Digiday Programmatic Summit Europe – Amsterdam

At this time Amsterdam would be the center of a programmatic meeting organized by Digiday.


Brands, agencies and publishers had the opportunity to meet privately, where we could discuss
with our same problems we are going through in the buying and selling ecosystem.
Although different markets are evolving at very different rates, it is true that the problems that we are encountering are still very similar:

– Black lists
– Transparency
– Education sales teams
– Brand safety
– Data, which is so much talk and we all see

The presentations by sponsors and other publishers were explaining future trends, technological vision of programmatic market etc.


For us, editors seek the sale of inventory at the highest price, while the demand side is looking for the cheapest to buy impressions. That’s one of the problems we face.
The inventory of publishers has a value which in many cases is not being paid as it should, so come in several European markets called Market Private Places.

Some of the conclusions we can draw is that much more travel. The data integrated in advertising, and the incorporation of DMPs is still much to mature. Traceability between fisrt Party Data and Third Party Data is not being used as it should …
But it should be noted that not all countries are equal. UK, USA and the Netherlands are situated in a privileged spot as far as advertising is concerned program; with an average of 40% investment in this type of advertising versus 20% approx. where the Spanish market positions.

We continue to learn from other markets and sharing experiences to grow in all our businesses. What all agree on is that education is the key to the growth of a transparent advertising and programmatic value.

DigiDay made intensive networking event that is not lost any of his assistants. With a very high professional level, a projection 10 and a stay at an idyllic place like Amsterdam.

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