Advertising during the summer

Summer months are pretty tough in terms of advertising is concerned. Advertisers reduce their investment, we are enjoying the holidays and we also consume less digital content.

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How do summer months affect on programmatic advertising?

They directly affect and especially in August. Anyone might think that the media serve advertising program open auctions perform well in the summer, but this has a double meaning.
On one hand advertisers have lower budgets during the summer months, they know that websites have fewer visits and thus have less presence.
They prefer to book their budgets for the long-awaited “back to school”. We join the work, summer schedules are completed, we return with batteries charged from our holidays and this is reflected in all areas.

Moreover, it is truth that although there is an important drop in impressions and also in the advertiser´s budget what makes eCPMs are very low. Of course that depends on the support allowing certain campaigns come at certain prices. It has something to do with revalue the inventory against euros to get some insignificant prices.

Market trends are these; September to May we have a clear upward curve, and from May to September we go down. The key is to try to optimize our inventory and take advantage of opportunities offered by the mobility part during these months which amounting to 75%. Perhaps this is where we need to focus on to do our best during these months.

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