Adblock´s threat

The figure is over 300 million dowloads,Adblock implies a threat to digital advertising.

It consists of a plugin which allows you to block digital advertising and since several months it even allows you doing on youtube.
This practice increases especially among the young who are those with a greater mastery of technology. Thet desire free content, they are impatient and “time is money”; Adblock is their perfect ally.


In Spain the figures of ad impressions lost by downloading this plugin exceed 20% and marketers and analysts are focus on this given the impact it is generating.

How to avoid this practice of downloading Adblock?

On one hand I think we have done wrong, we bombarded with advertising and in many cases we have not innovated but have come to annoy our users.
But we need to retrain our users and even ourselves.
The sites are not free, advertising is the currency and if the banners as understand are annoying try to do something different!
Branded content, new creatives, call to action, attractive promotions, etc seduce texts.
If our ad has added value the user can open the door and let that advertising comes into its session.

On the other hand, it is clear that Adblock is a major threat to our business and therefore we have to educate everyone and make them concious that behind what we see is a human and technological equipment to be fed; It is in our hands the digital reeducation.

I take this opportunity to leave a link on various practices of online advertising annoying for users here .

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